First Irrigation System for Comayagua

First Irrigation System for Comayagua

March 2020

We have been ministering to a very poor community of people in Comayagua for the past few years, providing them with house church settings, food, clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, fruit plants, a variety of seeds, a couple of school sponsorships and medical clinics. The community has no electricity, running water or sanitary facilities, and the houses are made of whatever materials the people have been able scavenge.

2019 has been a very tough year and 2020 is off to a rough start as well. There has been no appreciable rain at Comayagua for months. As a result crops are wilting and there is little to nothing for harvest. For people who don’t have money this is causing incredible hardship. Michael had an idea to try solar powered water pumps. He was able to source the parts needed, but they require a level of technical knowledge to run and maintain that is more than the people can handle. So he’s been thinking and thinking of another way to provide what they need.

Michael just sent us a set of photos and some commentary with it. Here’s what he shared with us on March 13th:

We started our first home today in Comayagua with an irrigation system. We purchased another roll of black hose with T’s that have valves. This will allow this brother in the faith to plant 3 times a year.

This is the land he wants to clear and plant corn and beans.

This is small garden he tried with a small pale of water and it is working. Now imagine with a 50 gallon barrel like we are providing

He has all the seed and the concrete block to make the column in which the barrel will sit on.

He will place this column in the middle of his field.
This is a good message to get out while the world is going crazy. We are still be boots on the ground

Parts we used for the irrigation system.

We hope it works. We are in prayer. This coming sunday the 22nd we are going with the youth group and pray over the land. Lord willing many more families will have the same.