updated 12/21/19 by Mark Erway

We are praying for:

  • Pledged funds to cover the $2500 per month cost of the Mission House
  • Pledged funds to cover $1500 per month to cover all Youth Programs
  • Increased participation of Doctors and Nurses on our medical teams
  • A Dental Team
  • Construction teams for 2020
  • Expansion of our supporting base of churches and organizations
  • Financial Sponsors, grants, stock donations for the ministry
  • Drug problem in Barrio Rincon
  • Equipment trailer for Medical Teams
  • To press toward 400 children sponsored in our school sponsorship program.
  • For Michael’s Boys Youth Group; Glenda’s Girls’ Youth Group; and Carlos’ Boys Youth Group
  • For our Board of Directors and all they do to support the ministry
  • The men, women and children in Prison who fight addiction, abuse, and self-esteem issues

ANSWERED in 2019

  • Gerri Sias-Roche came aboard as Coordinator of Helping Hands and has focused on fund raising activities, developing a team of Helpers, and updating our FaceBook page.
  • 2019 Annual Luncheon became the 1st Annual Brunch and Auction
  • Karen Meiklejohn came on board as Missions Director.
  • The old 1999 Dodge pickup truck was replaced with a workhorse Isuzu truck which, although not 4-wheel drive, can haul real heavy loads.
  • We had over 300 children in our One Child Sponsorship program.
  • 2nd and third generation youth are participating in our Saturday program
  • Reached out to flood ravage Choluteca with water filters and medical supplies