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Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1a

Youth Groups have become a major part of our overall ministry in Honduras. In a booming metropolis like Tegucigalpa, with a population of over 1,500,000 and an unemployment rate over 50% (according to U.N. statistics), a young person is vulnerable to all sorts of influences. Because the children in most families come from different sets of parents, and because public school for most families is a financial hardship, young people find themselves in a desperate, if not hopeless, situation.



Michael and Glenda have been leading youth groups since 2005 and we are already serving 3rd generation youth!!!!! They have been on outings to the Pacific Ocean, to theme parks, doing zip-lines, battling it out with paint-ball scenarios, playing LOTS of futbol (soccer) and much more. Mike and Glenda plan and host picnics, birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners and even graduation celebrations.



They have earned the trust and respect generations of young boys and girls, young men and women, mothers, fathers and entire barrios. Because of this they have been able to lead many hundreds of people, young and old, to a faith in Jesus Christ. They have been called upon to help families resolve issues, speak into the lives of the children, and have even earned the trust and respect of the schools – directors and staff – where the children attend.

To support Michael and Glenda’s work with the youth