Helping Hands


HELPING HANDS VOLUNTEER MINISTRY are volunteers who support the ministry by accomplishing a wide variety of tasks.

Gerri Sias-Roche (center) chatting with Mark Erway at 2019 Brunch/Auction

Border Buddies Helping Hands is a ministry within our ministry and we are always pleased when volunteers come forward.

Headed up by our board member and Coordinator of Helping Hands, Gerris Sias-Roche, Helping Hands brings volunteers together from all round our area to help plan, create, organize and host a variety of events in the name of Border Buddies Ministries.

Typically those events are for the purpose of raising funds for various needs that we have, such as mortgage payments for our mission house, vehicle upkeep, water filters, youth group activities, and construction costs that exceed what our teams have been able to raise.

It can also mean creating displays to get the word out at local and regional events such as county fairs, church bulletin boards, craft fairs and other similar events. It also includes helping out with the Annual Brunch or stuffing and mailing when needed. It’s a sort of “all the above” group that keeps things going here state-side.

The good news is that you can be a “one-and-done” volunteer (just help out one time), or you can choose things you like doing and do them when they come around. Or you can be fully involved and a regular part of the team. There are no regularly scheduled meetings (isn’t that nice) because team meetings are called as needed and only when needed.

If you’re interested and if you can help please contact Gerri at: 


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