“The Day When Honduras Went Into Quarantine”

“The Day When Honduras Went Into Quarantine”


Michael and Juan on the job 16 March 2020 at 21st of October Institute

Hola, from Honduras” would be the title for this picture on the left. We started our day on Monday the 16 of March at 6:30 a.m. and we knew there was talk about the COVID-19 virus and about a possible shut down. We prayed and all us agreed to continue working since we are isolated from the public. School has been shut down for more than two weeks already, so we figured we were not bothering anyone. We started to lay block to build a wall that would divide a classroom from a new hallway. That hallway is designed to help the students to circulate around the school more efficiently as well being used as an emergency evacuation plan where a 5’ door will be installed. This emergency door is in case there was an event in the school that prohibited the students from evacuating through the school’s main entrance. This photo was taken at 10:30 a.m. and we were making good time until I received a phone call from Glenda. She explained to me that on all the Honduran TV channels they were explaining that all the banks and businesses were being shut down because of COVID-19. I said, ok, but we will continue to work. Glenda said ok, but please be safe. 

Michael, Juan and Francisco 16 March 2020 at 21st of October Institute

In this photo you see a new addition to our BBM Family. His name is Francisco and he is 50 years old. His older daughter graduated two years ago from our sponsorship program. His second daughter is currently in school and has a BBM sponsorship. Francisco lost his job two years ago because the business where he worked closed its doors. He is also facing the huge job discrimination issue against hiring those who are 50 and above. Our construction boss, Juan, is a good friend of his and spoke to me at the beginning of the year asking if we could hire Francisco. I explained to Juan that we have a small amount of funds for the ministry and hiring him would be difficult. But God has provided some additional funds and I have been able to hire Francisco part time and at a laborer’s pay. Francisco is a Brother in the faith and he agreed to do anything just to earn money so he can feed his family. 

At 11:00 a.m. we were talking about God and how He is in control of the world and COVID-19 when I received another phone call from Glenda. She said that the government has placed the entire country under quarantine and that everyone is ordered to go home and are not allowed to leave their homes until further notice. 

It has been 4 weeks since the quarantine order. The Barrio where all of our BBM workers live hasn’t seen water in two months. They live paycheck to paycheck. Which means if they do not work, they do not eat. Thankfully they just received a sack of provisions from the government that will last them for a couple more weeks. Tensions are rising in the Barrio. Depression and boredom is setting in. We, as a ministry, have sent text messages twice or three times daily to everyone in the Barrio. We have also sent video messages talking about God’s will and what that means for them in these times. Many have responded and have been blessed by them. We still pray for them and so many others throughout the world suffering and lacking food, water, medicines, work, and more. Matthew 24:6 “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.”

This is the time of vs 8 “All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

This is the beginning of the end but Jesus said in John 16:33 “I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world!” 

We have an opportunity to seek God. To put our focus back onto Him. To reach out our hand and touch His hand. You can reconcile and/or receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. God does have a plan and the scriptures are speaking. God is giving the believer and non-believer and opportunity to run back to Him. Many times we get tired, bored and occupied with our own lives and forget about what the meaning of faith is and what our relationship with Jesus Christ is. God shut the doors for the Israelites when the Passover was to come. We just celebrated the Passover, but our celebration is about our Salvation and this year everyone was home just like the Israelites. In Honduras like many countries the Passover week is about fornication, beaches, drinking, drugs, traveling and eating and relaxing. This year all the Honduran’s had to stay at home. We witnessed through the TV and the messages we received that for the first time they were reflecting on the Passover week. Praise You Jesus!!!

However, will this last in the years to follow? God only knows who will connect with His one and only begotten Son and shall believe in Him for eternity.

In this last photo you see Director Juaquin (principal of the 21st of October Institute) and I together on the day that the country stopped. We gave each other a hug and we also gave blessings to each other and took this photo knowing that God is in control and one day we will be back working together for the Kingdom of God. 

We will have many opportunities to usher in trust, confidence, healing, and spiritual guidance to all those in need. 

Out of our persistence will come Salvation to all those who are in need. In Jesus’ Name!!!