Food Handout in the La Tigra National Park Mountains

Food Handout in the La Tigra National Park Mountains

We love this picture. They are not a couple. Actually, they are neighbors who are in their 80’s and came running when we started to hand out food. We allowed them to start at the beginning of the line and also offered prayer and help to take the food back to their homes. Both replied by saying, “We are healthy enough to carry the food back.” They also went on to tell us that they were out of food and this came at the right time. This is truly a photo that shows how to walk like Jesus and love your neighbor as well. 60lbs of food between them but they managed to carry out into the mountains. Their community is spread throughout the mountains and communication is by yelling and those who have cell phones call their neighbors. We would gather them into groups as we started at the base entrance to La Tigra national park which is about 7,100 feet above sea level. The land is bountiful with fruits, vegetables, flowers and so much more. However, with its beauty the people are often scorned by society and this means work, food and medical. This is the very reason why we have helped with a medical team, evangelism and youth group support. Below is one of those gatherings where we would preach the Gospel and offer individual prayer and corporate prayer. God provided!!

Someone wrote me and asked if I use the same sermon for each group and it is a great question. I laughed and said, “No, because I do not want to bore our team of volunteers.” On a serious note I do not use the same sermon for each of the seven groups we blessed with food. Reason being I want to be obedient to the Lord and His leading to the needs that each group may have. With one group their needs were deep anxiety, so I preached a sermon dealing with that issue and exhorted them and their faith. Whether it was anxiety, the end times, Covid-19, relationship issues, illnesses or fear, God led us to pray over them as seen above and below photos. One testimony that stands out is while forming a line of people to receive food, I started to ask questions about how they were doing and how they were coping. While talking with them and asking God what is needed, I noticed a man in his early 30’s walking with a cane. What I didn’t notice was that his dad was walking toward Glenda and started a conversation with her about his son and daughter who both suffer from debilitating diseases. The daughter was born with a disease that prevents her from walking normally and has put her behind mentally. Her brother, on the other hand, became sick back in May and was once an alcoholic. After we dispatched the group, all of us walked to a home to pray over the two them. Pleading came to repentance within the family and a renewal of faith. We started to pray over the man and his sister. When we finished, I stepped back and told the man to walk. He rose and walked across the room three  times without a cane but he began to become scared so he sat down. I witnessed the scriptures again and told him if he has faith in Jesus on the next day he will walk. We received a voice message from a family member screaming that her brother is walking!! Thank you, Lord, for your miracles. The sister was not healed as she claimed to have doubt. We witnessed many miracles and salvations that day. God is alive and He is healing and providing not just food but PEACE when the people turn back to Jesus. Our Prayer is that many more will turn to the TRUTH and see Jesus as King over everything. Not just a belief but as the truth that He is Lord over the earth, our lives and problems.

Juan de Dios, Luis Matute from our youth group, Carlos our own Honduran Missionary with Border Buddies, Glenda and I were blessed to be able to hand out food for 200 families! We had planned on only handing out 100 bags because of the time restrictions and the one hour travel into the mountains. We finished with the first 100 by 10:30am and raced down off the mountain to pack another 100 bags, load into the truck and also drive back for an afternoon of fun, fellowship, prayer and witnessing God’s hand in all this. Juan, Luis and Carlos worked so hard in handing out the food plus delivered many of the bags because some of the women were holding their babies, others because of physical limitations and or age. This is walking the extra mile, literally. We also praise the Lord for our new truck that is hauling all this food. We delivered 6,000 lbs of food that day and the truck is a work horse. Yes, you may be asking why I am not wearing a mask and maybe making comments. Going into the mountians I was informed that this community has icolated themselves from the other communities and they built a blockade from others to enter their community without permission. The blood of Christ which has covered me in prison work, from so many attempts on my life that should have killed me but didn’t. How could I start to turn back on the very faith that I preach?

This man is selling plants in a closed community? Yes, this is not a typo. Glenda inquired about the sale of plants when no one is entering their community. He smiled and said, “No, sister I used to sell plants before the pandemic but I continued to take care and grow more plants for the day when the country opens and we can receive visitors that visit the National Park.” He had many reasons. He wanted to stay positive and keep his mind focused. Next, he wanted to prepare for a better future and not live with a mindset that all is lost and he should give up. Yes, he said, “I am always looking for work by digging a hole, cutting grass etc.” Living with disease is one thing but living without running water, an outhouse, low amp electricity, no internet in the house and low on food like beans, rice, cooking oil, coffee etc. is another challenge. Communities like this live day by day. They cannot just leave and go to the grocery store and fill up their homes with food. What they make is spent that day for provisions and electric bills. These communities are strong in their character and faith because the rely on God for their daily bread. Multiply that all of Honduras can only circulate by number and it is still in lock down. Strength is determined by the willingness to survive which molds character that brings forth a deeper knowledge of faith in Jesus. Most of the people are saved in Christ Jesus and this brought smiles to us as we listened to their hope still founded in His saving Grace. 

Thank you, Lord for all those who have given and empowered us to be able to be your hands and feet to deliver your Gospel message that you are with us, you are walking with us and how much you love us. Lord, shower your comfort to all those who are reading this message and present yourself in a mighty way by answering their prayers and easing their pain and worries. May your anointing shower over all the believers to give them strength to speak of you to anyone who is in need of your message of Hope. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God bless all of you and thank you for your prayers and Love!!!