When Times Get Tough, God Provides

When Times Get Tough, God Provides

Then entire world is suffering from the effects of Covid-19. It is hard to see the images on TV of people fighting for their lives. Either they are fighting to stay healthy, fighting to earn a living, or fighting to get food. We are still in quarantine and have completed three months. Three months is a long time for anyone but even longer when you work day-to-day just to earn enough to feed your family day-to-day. 

This mother lives next to Pastor Giron’s Church located below the Barrio Rincon. We work in both of these communities serving with Sponsorships and bringing youth off the streets to our youth group. This mother says it all in this photo. Pure relief!! Her story is more difficult than most. We have handed food out to over 60 plus families but want to share the testimony of this mother and also a couple others that reached out and wrenched our hearts and souls. Twenty-two years ago this mother dropped off her daughter to her mother because she couldn’t take care of her. Later on, she (this mother) became pregnant and her second daughter was born mentally handicapped and unable to speak. This lady’s second daughter was later on in life raped by a man and she became pregnant. The child born to her was also mentally handicapped.  Now all three live together and cut wood to sell in the Barrio Rincon. Many times, while we are out on a Saturday or any night, we would give this lady and her daughter and granddaughter rides by placing their cut wood into our truck and delivering it up the large inclined hill so they would have a break. Their smiles each time would show love and gratitude. During this quarantine our hearts thought of her and how we could help with food.  We were blessed when the leading of the Holy Spirit moved a donor to send funds for us to reach out and help all those God led us to. Can you imagine selling wood each day to just earn enough to eat? She doesn’t have much but what she does have is a PURE HEART!! Her name is Juana and please pray for her. 

This young man’s name is Jaffet. He is 15 years old and his father sells fruit and vegetables in the streets of Honduras to make a living. When a country goes into quarantine and puts a mandatory curfew in place it is hard to sell your product, let alone to sell a product that everyone needs. Worse yet, many do not have the funds to purchase because they are not working. Jaffet is in our youth group in the Barrio Rincon and grew up in our Saturday Little Heroes Program. He transitioned over last year to our Fusion Action Youth Group. Jaffet has been helping his dad to sell their product since school went out of session back in the first week of March. He is not too expressive, but his face says a thousand words and when he does talk it speaks volumes. He was so thankful for the huge donation from the Lord!!! These two bags of food contain enough rice, beans, coffee, cooking oil, salt, flour, tortilla flour, spaghettis and sauce to provide his family and any family enough food for a week. That is a relief many are in need of. 

Just a side testimony; All our BBM Employees, Boys and Girls youth groups located in Barrio Rincon have received food from this blessing. We still have our other two youth groups and are praying for God’s provision as these youth live in rough, gang riddled communities. 

The testimonies just kept coming. This woman has Lupus. Can you imagine selling peanuts in the streets, and in 90-degree heat, with Lupus? My mother had MS and I know they are similar and sun and heat do not go well for these diseases. Now compound this with a mandatory stay-at-home order for three months and ask yourself how did she survive before the quarantine making only 5 cents per bag and now when there isn’t any work, and no resources, how in the world can she live? 

We have had a long relationship with this mother of two. Her oldest daughter was pondering entering the gang. I say ponder because she was walking and hanging out with them and hadn’t made the decision to fully sell her soul to the devil. The mother reached out to us and we reached out to the daughter and changed where she went to school and also gave her a scholarship. She graduated three years ago with a degree in electronics and is studying in the University. Her youngest is sponsored by the ministry and what a blessing she is. The mother still sells peanuts and works very hard. A food relief bag was exactly what she needed and at the right time she said. She was out of food and wondered what she could do to earn money to feed her two daughters.

We will have many opportunities to usher in trust, confidence, healing, and spiritual guidance to all those in need. We always include the word of God.

How many more testimonies there are and I can only imagine what God sees and hears from the prayers of all those throughout the world who are in need? If you would like to be a part of this food give-away please send your donation to our PO Box and earmark it “food donation”. 

Out of our persistence will come Salvation to all those who are in need. In Jesus Name!!!