When God Speaks

When God Speaks

By Michael Miller, Jr. 7.5.21

When God speaks do, we act? Many times, those soft urging voices in our head lead us down a path that can lead to victory or drudgery. Either way we need to act on what God is telling us. I always testify that most of the work we do as Missionaries is listening and observing. If we would just pause for a moment and look into the eyes of a child, an adult, or the center of a project we can clearly hear what God is communicating. However, we get caught up in emotions and make decisions that are not God’s will. Others may hear God’s will and start out in walking with God and everything is going well and then the difficulties start. Soon you find yourself frustrated, tired, confused and wondering what happened. Now this is where it gets interesting. What do we do when confronted with this? Do we quit and start some where else or with another project? Or do we push on and say, well some way I will figure it out? 

Over the 17 years in serving the Lord as fulltime missionaries we have grown to the point of noticing when things start to go wrong or difficult, we turn to Jesus and ask why. We sometimes stop for a moment and or slow down enough for our ears to catch the voice of God and what He is communicating to us. Here is a small testimony on this subject.

Meet Amber Cruz a 11th grader/youth group

Amber came this 2021 year to sign her sponsorship contract like she has always done since the 2nd grade with Border Buddies. Because of Covid we haven’t seen Amber in a year. This time I noticed while signing the contract that she was acting down. She was reserved and not bubbly like years past in youth group. I started to ask God why. When she finished with her paperwork, she walked with her mother towards me to have her picture taken for her sponsor. I asked the normal questions, like how are you and how was the last year been like etc. She didn’t say much. I asked, like I did for many of our sponsored children, if they wanted to take the picture with or without mask because we had the social distancing measurements set up. Amber said, “No thank you.” Then the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Michael she needs help with her teeth.” That’s it. God didn’t say much more until I acted. When Amber left, we as a team sat and talked about various students and what we observed. I said, “I want Amber to go and visit our Dentist.” I went on to tell Glenda that God spoke to me about her. 

Glenda made an appointment.

What our Dentist found was serious.

Our Dentist found three major infections that have been festering for more than a year. On top of this she had 3 teeth that needed to be pulled because they were completely rotten. She also needed 3 root canal surgeries. Then on top of this she needed braces because the teeth are in horrible condition. The Dentist explained that the infection was getting into her blood and this can turn for the worse because the infection was that bad. Glenda asked Amber for how long did she have the pain. Amber replied for more than 1 ½ dealing with this and years dealing with the rotten teeth.Glenda came home and explained all this. My mind calmly said, how much for everything? Glenda was nervous and said, more than $2,000 to fix everything and also for the braces and continued maintenance for 2 years. 

Before I could act on making a decision a peace came over me and the Lord spoke again, “Michael I have this paid for.” Okay, Lord I will trust because this is a lot of money and our ministry can not afford such a cost. The Lord spoke again, “I have set up persons to help with this and they will come forward because I have called them.”How can anyone say no or fight this? So, I said go ahead God has this. Glenda replied are you sure? Yep, the Lord will provide because He said so. Well, after 6 months, 20 cavities, 3 root canals, and 3 pulled teeth the braces went on.   

This is Amber BEFORE ……………… And this is Amber AFTER

Amber has not stopped smiling since. She is active in serving in Comayagua with us twice a month helping in any way she can. She loves her braces. Oh, by the way, donors came to us privately and said that God told them they need to help with a special project. Namely teeth!!! Only God moved them to give generously so a young lady can escape years of pain and embarrassment. 

Amber and Andrea spending the night for a Girl’s night at the mission house. Amber is having fun and loving life as she walks knowing in her heart the God loves her and provides to the smallest or biggest detail. Praise you Father!!!!