Our Spiritual Son Cristian and His Wife Viviana

Our Spiritual Son Cristian and His Wife Viviana

Even though we are plagued with tons of news media and bad news of how many deaths or how many people are infected with COVID-19, God reminds us that life is still moving forward, and that there is new life every day, whether it is a spiritual new life or a baby!! 

Cristian became born again when he was 15 years old in our youth group. Soon he was sponsored for his education and graduated at 18 years old. Cristian’s family moved out of the city and Cristian wanted to continue his Biblical studies with the ministry and also study to become a Medical Technician. Cristian moved in with us to enable him to continue with his studies. He graduated as a Bio-Medical Technician and continued to work with the ministry serving in LaPaz Prison while we ministered to the men on the inside and also serving with ministry. Love and life evolved and after six years living with us it was time for the next step in his life. Cristian and Viviana were married on March 16, 2019 and they wanted to start a family. After a loss from their first pregnancy they thought God wanted them to wait but in October Viviana became pregnant again. 

Cristian still is working for the Military Hospital as a Bio-Medical Technician but COVID-19 has put some major strain and stress upon this young man as he has been working seven days a week maintaining old respirators and building new machines as well.  

All this set up time has challenged him and his faith. I thank God he and I talk every day and we have a very close relationship where he can be open about anything. He asked just last night, “Michael how did you handle seeing so much death in the prisons of Honduras? How did you cope with it? He went on to say, I see 2 to 3 deaths a day with COVID-19 and it is hard to just see the plastic bags leaving and I thought about you and all you have experienced in the 12 years serving inside the Honduran Prisons.” I encouraged him and spoke about how the Lord gives strength in times like this, as He did with King David and the wars he went through. We spoke a long time and I also gave him advice to find a time to escape and something he can do to release the stress. He is a good man and said, “I have prayed over every patient here in the hospital as you have taught us while we were in youth group.” God is good to keep reminding us those who made an impression on our lives and how we have learned to listen to God. Cristian, like so many of our young men, is practicing what he learned with patients and co-workers, like our other youth are doing with their neighbors and families. 

In the times we live in, testimonies of lives that were impacted some 10 years ago, like Cristian, are encouraging. They became Christians and are now husbands and fathers and are being a great example to many as they pray and talk about the Lord Jesus Christ to many!!! I hear the words of our Lord, “Well done good and faithful servant!” Please pray for all of our past and present youth who are looking for direction. May the Lord bless our minds to give solid instruction to all those we counsel in Jesus name