Prayers During COVID Restrictions

Prayers During COVID Restrictions

From Michael on March 29, 2020

Please put on your prayer list for Honduras: 
Water for Honduras. Many do not have water to cook or wash or drink.
Food to be delivered to the poor communities from the government.
Resources to live on. No jobs means no money and can not pay the bills.
Mental status. Not being able to leave our homes can cause depression, more babies, Lord willing NO sexual assualts, and more.
Also prayers for the churches and its leaders to recieve restoration and lead their churches in the word of God this time. Also for Salvations to come. 
Pray for us and all the Missionaries in the world. We have been preaching and sharing the word to all our Spanish contacts as well as those in the states. 
And prayers for financial stability for our ministry. We know we are in the palms of His hands. Out of the storm we will see victory. When troubles increase our Character will show.

A praise is that we have a sponsor for the 14 year old that we took on. She was raped by her father numerous times. He is in prison. We gave her a sponsorship in faith and He has provided today. God is good. 

We are well. Keeping busy in prayer and fasting. Keeping busy in working on the Mission House and we are in the Word and in song glorifying Jesus. God bless you my brother

I would add: please pray for our teams that are scheduled to go to Honduras this year as they wait upon the Lord for clarity.
We love you all. Mike and Glenda.