Encouraging Texts from Parents of Sponsored Children

Encouraging Texts from Parents of Sponsored Children

May 15, 2020 – Tegucigalpa

Dear Sponsors,

First of all, thank you for being a sponsor. It is HUGE for these children and their families.

Second, remember, the school year in Honduras runs from February through November, so school is in session currently – but in virtual mode!

Third – don’t panic. Here is a video link to a very encouraging message: Let Go and Let God – Overcoming Worry https://youtu.be/jou5ANZX1BQ

School children in Honduras are coping with virtual classrooms just like here. However, since most families do not have computers in their homes the government came up with a unique solution – the public school classes are broadcast live on designated TV channels. They schedule the many different classes for certain hours of the day, and certain days of the week in order to cover a the broad range of subjects and age groups involved. It is up to the students, and their families, to follow the schedule and have their children “attend” class when it is given. All of our sponsored children are affected by this. It is very heart-warming to know that their parents are helping.

Because Michael and Glenda cannot leave their house except for a few hours once every two weeks, they have been texting words of assurance and encouragement to almost all of the parents during this time of shut-down and it is nice to get feedback from them, too. Below are a couple of pictures that parents have sent to Michael showing their kids involved with the new online teaching.

The parent of this sponsored child texted Michael: “Muchas gracias por el apoyo para con mi hijo🙏🏻 Dios les bendiga siempre.” Which means: “Thank you very much for the help with my son. May God bless you always.”

He then texted: “Les extendieron el periodo hasta junio.” Which means: “They have extended the period until June”.

So, school may or may not start in June.

These two pictures below show the family’s TV at Jared’s home, with the online class in session, and with Jared hard at work on his homework. The pictures were texted to Michael with the comment: “Jared haciendo las tareas que le hasigna su maestra nery.” Which means: “Jared doing the homework his teacher has assigned him.” Jared’s mother works with BBM ministry on the Saturday Youth Program which is held at Escuela de Venezuela, which normally has 100+ youth in attendance, but is currently suspended.

Again, THANK YOU to all our sponsors. We know this is a hard time for them, and we have heard from a number of you expressing concern for your students and their families, but as far as we know there aren’t any serious problems at this time. All of Honduras is experiencing life under far more stringent restrictions than we have seen here. As soon as things re-open to the point where Michael and Glenda can once again see the children and parents, they will be able to get information to send back to you. Please be patient. We have over 300 children living all over the city. It will take some time to gather and send the information.

In Christ’s love – Mark Erway, on behalf of BBMinistries