Prison Ministry Overview

Since 2004 we have worked inside the Honduran prisons not only with gang and ex-gang members, but also with the private population concentrated in LaPaz and Comayagua Prisons. We have seen a huge growth in these men’s faith and also in their willingness to know more about God and how they can become better men. However, the conditions inside these prisons are different than those back in the USA. Inside these prisons they only receive 2 liters of water to drink, bathe and wash clothes with. The meals are the same every day. They receive one cup of beans and rice with 3 tortillas each meal all year long. I remember one man saying they received chicken the other day. We were glad to hear about this, but when the man showed us, these men were only given the foot of a chicken to suck on for the flavor.

Prison life is extremely difficult. We need your prayers and support to this ministry so we can continue to help men like these open up businesses inside the prison in order to support themselves and their families on the outside. We currently have 7 different businesses going inside these prisons.

If you would like to know more about this or have questions please contact us.

LaPaz Prison bible study


In Honduras and throughout the world, there is an increasing problem with gangs that are creating problems throughout society today. Our youth have been fooled into the false love and thinking that it has been shown to them by the gangs. In Honduras there many different types of gangs. The two largest gangs are the MS 13 gang and the 18th St. gang. Both gangs are in the United States and are increasing in numbers every year.

In Honduras my wife and I have been working with gangs since 2004 in Tamara Prison. We have learned much about gang life and how they work. In 2005 we had 5 men who left the gang and now in 2010 we currently have 76 ex-gang members. In gang life, the tattoos have a significance for each individual person, but can have a number of different meanings. Each tattoo is a memory of a fallen fellow gang member, a representation of how many people they have killed, or indicates growth in the gang. But these tattoos largely determine who they are. When a man or woman leaves the gang, they are put on a list to be executed. The only identification the gang uses to identify other gang members is by their tattoos.

When a person leaves the gang, it endangers the entire family of the person who left the gang. This shows the grip that Satan has on these men’s souls. Another reason the men need to have their tattoos removed is because the law in Honduras states that if you have a gang tattoo, you’re counted as “associated” to the gang. When anyone “associated” with a gang is caught, they put in prison for having gang tattoos. This is why these ex-gang members need their tattoos removed.

If you have any questions about how to sponsor a gang member to have his tattoos removed please contact us.