Team #27 – Penn Ave U.M. Church – May 19-June 1, 2014 – Part 1





Team 27 1.1

Santa Margarita School 2nd floor framing

Team 27 1.3

Al Erickson and Mark Erway having cementing their co-leadership

Team 27 1.2

Team 27 1.4









The Penn. Ave UMC Team had a big job in front of them. They knew it was a like a big storm that was coming. The storm you may ask? Yes a storm of concrete mixing, shovels, lots of water and back breaking hauling. The mission was to pour a two classroom floor. The size was 48’ long and 24’ wide. The attitude on this team was great. In my opinion I thought it reflected the attitude of Jesus in serving in whatever was the condition and it didn’t matter what the job was. Now Jesus probably didn’t mix concrete but it wasn’t the concrete I’m speaking of. It was how Jesus lived with His Disciples and how they worked to together for the kingdom of God. This is exactly how this team portrayed the life of Jesus. They worked together and worshipped together as a team of Disciples. Pouring concrete for 3 days straight isn’t the idea of fun for most of our teams but I do know that if and when a team keeps a positive attitude and looks beyond the obstacles and the difficulties the Lord will bless. And He did. Every morning our team came together to pray and worship God through music, or testimony, and prayer. One of these mornings we were blessed to have the manifestation of the Holy Spirit to come upon this team. It has happened to the other two teams this year and we just looked to God and found His presence. The anointing was very strong that it broke hearts and changed them, brought those to their knees in tears and trembling; it took our youth and brought them to tears of joy and praising God. Like I said this has been a theme this year with our teams. How can this be? It has come before in our home during devotion time, on the job, in church and many ways and many forms throughout the years, but this year it has been hitting all the team members at once. The Spirit has been transforming lives and taking Christians to another level in their faith by witnessing the signs and wonders that Jesus talked about. One key item is needed and that is a team with a willing heart to find Jesus and a willing heart to be broken. I would like to invite you to ask team members in what happened so they can be a witness to God’s presence.


Team 27 1.8

Getting 1200 blocks to 2nd floor

Team 27 1.7

Frame for steps to 2nd floor

Team 27 1.6

Students bravely climbed the ladder to check out the progress

Team 27 1.5

View from newly minted 2nd floor









So our mornings were spent in worship as the teachers would first watch and then would come to the prayer circle wanting more of Jesus and more of the Spirit. It witnessed to the police as well.

The construction work still needed to go on and so did the block work. The team moved 1,200 block to the second floor (seen in the last photo) and 1,100 block were put into place in building the exterior walls and interior walls for two classrooms. (seen in the first and second photos) While that was going on the steps were being built. (seen in the 3rd photo) I always found time to play with the kids and my 5th grade group of girls. They have nick names like; salsa tomate, salsa picante, etc. They wanted to see the second floor progress and so I said if they can walk up the ladder without fear they are welcome to come up. So they did. It took courage, faith, and a willing heart to walk up that ladder. So it is with our faith in Jesus in doing work for the Lord. It takes faith to not doubt or question. It takes courage to say yes I’m going to testify for Jesus. And it takes a willing heart to be a missionary. Sow a thought you will reap an action. Sow an action and you will reap a habit. Sow a habit and you will reap a destiny. It all depends on you. Do you see a difficult project with a negative perspective or do you look at a difficult project with sowing a positive thought to reap a destiny of change for a life time?