Medical Team #7 2019

Medical Team #7 2019

MEDICAL TEAM #7 September 26 thru October 6

by Michael J. Miller, Jr.



Glenda and I want to first thank all those who donated towards the new truck!!!! This team was able to benefit from the new truck by being able to fit all the medical equipment and medicines seen in the top left photo into one compete load!! Tis use to take us 3 loads with our old truck. We are very blessed to have a working, safe and strong vehicle like this. Thank you to all our donors for making this happen.

Our team was geared to make change every where they went. They came from various parts of the States. Four Nurses came from Las Vegas, a nurse came from Massachusetts, and our Leader Dr. Bob and team of 5 came from NY. Glenda and I love seeing everyone come together and work as a team to help serve all those who are in need of medical help. Top photo is from our new site in the mountains of La Tigra Park. Located in Tegucigalpa and about a 45-minute drive through switch backs. The photo above is the entire team including our translators and driver.

What we want to do is take you through the process in how a Honduran receives medical attention. This will also give you an idea in how this team could see 1,270 patients in 5 ½ days.







In the top left photo is our waiting area. People come hours before we arrive to make line so they can secure they will be seen by the Doctor.


In the right photo is our triage station. This is where the patient is brought in and vitals are taken and a patient sheet is being filled in with their information and brief medical history.




Once the patient receives their form and a prescription sheet, they are escorted to stations #1, and #2 seen in the left photo. This is where each patient is given a parasite tablet, lotions, band aides, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen depending on the patient and their history and also depending by their age and size. Children received Acetaminophen in liquid form and advised in how much is given to their child. By the time each patient finishes with both stations they should have enough medicines to keep on hand in their medicine cabinet for any up and coming illnesses.



When a patient comes to see the Dr. all their forms and prescriptions are given and they are gone over to make sure all dosing is correct and that each patient is receiving exactly what they need. This is where much more information is extracted from the patient. What we handle is Diabetes, Blood Pressure, aches and pains that are chronic, burns, scrapes, asthma, allergies, fungus, urine tests are done and examinations are done as well with each patient.  Dr. Bob has also performed minor surgery on a knee in Comayagua. What I love about this time with Bob is that I can learn about medicine but most important we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to each patient and especially those that God leads us to and express to them how much Jesus loves them and would like to see them in peace and healed from their suffering. This is when Salvation comes and we are so blessed to be able to lead them through the Salvation prayer and guide them to a church in their area.

From here they are guided to the Pharmacy to receive their prescription and head home blessed.


Meet our Pharmacy team: It consisted of Nurse Kelly and Nurse Joy with their translator Glenda. This is where all the medications are passed out and explained again to the patient to make sure they are clear in how to use the medication and keep their family safe.

Glenda especially loves this job because she gets to spend that special time with each patient and child by giving a smile, a hug and or a kiss. For me that is why we do what we do as missionaries.


This is making change in so many lives. Exactly what Jesus was asking of us. Take the Gospel into the World.

If you are interested in serving on a team please give us a shout and write to us via e-mail: or to Dr. Bob Armstrong:

Please take this challenge to your church as well about Team Formation. Thank you for praying and walking with us!! We couldn’t do it without you.