Medical Missions

Medical Missions with Border Buddies has been made possible by the effort and leadership of Dr. Robert Armstrong, who has served on 8 construction teams and  has led 7 medical teams in the last seven years. The medical teams have examined and treated over 8,400 people in the various barrios around Tegucigalpa.

Teams are made up of a variety of doctors, nurses, providers, medical students, pharmacists, and EMT’s – currently practicing or retired. All are coordinated into a portable working unit that has triage stations, examining rooms and a pharmacy.

Team members can come from all over the United States. We are simply interested in helping you help others in a mission team scenario. 

We use Managed Missions for administrating our missions teams, and if you are interested in learning more about the details of Team #8 please visit the site using this link: Managed Missions