Getting Ready For Their Practice


This year is a first for our School Sponsorship program. We are graduating 10, 12th grade students this year. Kenia Lopez we picked up in the 6th grade. Now look at her, a young woman preparing for the future. All our graduates during their final year must put 40 hours of community service and also work one month at a business for free and learn the business trade. All graduates in Honduras must go through this process in order to graduate. Also each graduating student must have a tailored made uniform with specific style and color. Each student must have his or her uniform ready by the 12th of June and with their name tag. This is a very costly process for each of these students. This is one blessing BBM took part of in helping our graduating students receive their tailored made uniforms. Our sponsored students look so much older now and it brings many emotions for us because we have seen many of these kids grow up into very fine people. Many we have helped to find a business so they can do their practice. (working for a business) Kenia will be working in a bank, others will be working in sales and others for factories. The idea is if each student works hard and shows interest with the business, normally the business will hire the student after graduation. Or the student has the choice to further their studies at a University. We are supper proud of them and can’t wait for graduation day!