Change Is Coming With The New Tattoo Removal Gun


In November of 2005 when we first started to help men and women who left the gang and wanted to erase their past mistakes and erase their tattoos that reminded them of their sinful ways in following Satan. We would have never thought we would be showing pictures of men actually clean from the ink. In 2005 we used an infra-red gun that burned the skin and left the men with scaring. We then switched to a laser type machine in 2009 to start removing tattoos from men who wanted to see their tattoos removed but as well as not having scaring. The top two photos are men who left the 18th st. gang and were in hiding in the LaPaz prison from the gang. Many who live in the LaPaz prison don’t know about this man’s association to the gang. If they did he would have ended up dead like others have. This man started the process with us and now is clean. He is very emotional about being clean. We are still cleaning up lines and areas that have ink. The top left photo shows the infra-red and the right photo shows the laser gun. The middle photo shows when a man washes his skin and is determined to peal the skin off so the ink would be erased faster. Many of our patients have used this tactic. The gun does erase in 2 sessions seen on the bottom right photo. In the bottom right photo this ex-gang member had the 3 points that represented life in prison, death, and hospital. They are gone. His pigment color will return in time. The bottom left photo says, “Forgive me mother for my crazy life.” This is a typical saying with gang members. These are just a few final results of what our new machine is doing. Men are still scared and don’t care for the pain but for many it is a way that will save their life and save time from being put in prison for having a gang tattoo. Lord willing we will have photos coming from men and women from Tamara prison where our biggest group of ex-gang members are. With both guns (infra-red and laser) sense 2005 we have removed over 200 tattoos in 3 prisons.