What Missionaries Do In Addition to Evangelizing – April 2019

What Missionaries Do In Addition to Evangelizing – April 2019

We want to give a glimpse of what we do besides offering Bible studies throughout the week at night; meeting with parents and reaching out to their children when found they have bad grades; or they are cutting themselves; or into drugs or bad company. Many know we are heavily involved in sponsoring children but many probably do not know that we check in on our sponsored children regularly. We keep a connection with our sponsored children to make sure they have all they need. Also, to make sure that even though life is hard and the peer pressure is distracting , they have friends to talk to and can receive Godly help.

While this is said, we receive many petitions from many schools that are in need of help. Much of it is maintaining the school. Here in Honduras we have a very high unemployment rate and that makes it hard to receive help. That means that many of the schools look to non-profit organizations such as ours to seek help.

We love to reach out and help when we can. We took on the Venezuela School that we started to help back in 2005 with our teams. The Venezuela School is a place where we hold our Bible studies for our older youth groups. Also, we use the facility for our VBS on Saturdays where 100 plus children come out and receive Bible teaching, craft projects, a snack and playtime. The school generously allows us to use the kitchen for our Sewing Classes held on Saturday mornings and also for when our Ladies that come on team want to teach a week’s worth of sewing classes. The kitchen also provides a huge benefit for our youth group that sells food to the people in the Barrio. Selling food is a big fund raiser that helps purchase buckets for the water filters, fruit trees for Comayagua, sponsor two children in the squatter’s community in Comayagua, and so much more. So, we felt it was right to help this school out. It was getting run down and needed a new fresh look. So, check out these photos of what was accomplished in a week. 

For our team members who love to stay with us in Honduras we just want to show you that our mission home will look a little bit different and more organized in the area of Kitchen service. Now all of the bowls, coffee cups, cereal etc. will be in one place. This is going to make life that much better while staying here in Honduras and helps us keep a cleaner and more organized look. 

Tired Yet?

While doing all this and maybe many of you can relate to this. My wife said, dear can you put tile in the BBM office at the 21 of October High School? When you here the word “Dear” you know you are going to asked of something. I asked, “Why do you need tile?” Aracely (she works for the ministry in the sponsorship program) jumped into our conversation and said, “Michael the sponsored children use our office for fitting for their uniforms. So while they are being fitted it is hard not to get their uniforms dirty from all the dust that comes from the concrete floors.”

I went to work and laid tile for the office as well. 

This room will also provide a place for our sponsors to visit their sponsored children, a place for meeting parents who have troubled children. Oh, by the way, we also meet with children/parents that are not sponsored by the ministry. It is our hope to reach all those who are in need. There just isn’t enough help to reach out to the children who are so very damaged by all the abuse that goes on in Honduras. It keeps us running.

We hope that this shows a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes. What goes on besides just preaching, teaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to honor God in all that we do.