Motivation By Our Actions


In Honduras the public school teachers have been striking for the last 29 days. That is how many days the children of Honduras haven’t been going to school. There is only one school that is in session that we know of and that is the Fuerzas Armadas School. They are committed to teaching the children first and then striking last. During this strike the teachers with the director of the Venezuela School where we started the very 1st lunch program has had a series of meetings. During the 1st meeting the parents complained that the food hasn’t been picked up and that nobody was willing to help out to restart the program. They called it the, “the big headache”. I got up to speak and was greeted warmly. I spoke about the will of God and his desire for these children to have hot cooked meals while in school. That the children shouldn’t be purchasing junk food from a dozen or so of mothers who are selling this junk food. I also explained that this lunch program is the will of the government and shouldn’t be deemed as the, “great headache.” One mother spoke up and said, “Michael we don’t see it this way it is the teachers and the director that see it this way and called it this.” I quickly reminded that not all the parents participated nor paid the $0.10 weekly amount for the lunches. After much discussion and further planning a new plan was formed and new organization was made for 2011. The board of parents and their President came to us and asked if we could help out with picking up and delivering the food to the school. We jumped to the opportunity to help out when we saw that the board of parents was excited to get things rolling again. Some mothers met us at the warehouse in the 21 de Octubre school. They had the proper paperwork and seals to pick up the already designated food. Actually the Venezuela school receives more oil, and grains than the other schools because they are the only active kitchen. The work and passion these parents showed us was encouraging. They hope as we do when school gets back into session that it will motivate more parents to come on board and help with the cooking. We pray that school will go back into session and our sponsored children will be fed with knowledge and food.