Brunch and Auction Jan. 18th

Celebrating 15 years of ministry in Honduras!

Our annual gathering at Horseheads 1st United Methodist Church is a wonderful time for everyone to reconnect with Michael and Glenda. They will have updates about the ministry, the people served by the Medical Team, the Youth Groups, our Sponsored Children, the work accomplished by the Construction Teams, and the families impacted by Water Filters.

And Ali Bennett, our caterer, will prepare a BRUNCH for us all. This is our 2nd year with the new format starting at 10:00 a.m. and having a silent auction going on. Then we will begin presenting the information part of the program. Which will be followed by a live auction.

Purchase tickets BEFORE January 8th at $12.00 per person. They can easily be purchased online at our website using the “BRUNCH” button in the events carousel or the “Brunch” block of support causes, or click on the “Donation Now” button at the top of the landing page on our site. Don’t delay. After January 8th tickets will be $15.00 each. Another option is to write a check payable to Border Buddies Ministries, at P.O. Box 1254, Elmira, NY 14902 with the name(s) being RSVP’d. OR you can email the information to with the appropriate name(s).