Welding Needs to Get 2020 Started

Welding Needs to Get 2020 Started

So, to start of 2020 we have some needs to get things up and running.

Welding at the Junior/Senior High School:

Our teams have done a magnificent job in supporting the construction costs but the welding costs keep adding up. We have been blessed to be able to provide this School 7 completed classrooms, security cameras, a face lift with paint and so much more. For us to finish the school we are currently in we need to finish the welding which takes a huge amount of funds to accomplish. Currently we are looking at $16,000 to finish all the welding that is needed in this school. We know this is overwhelming for anyone to read. Even for us.So, we have broken it down to a way everyone can have a part in finishing this project. Especially if you are a person who says, “Well I really do not want to go to Honduras but sure would like to help out with the school projects.” 

Well you can.

  1. We need 13 doors to be made on site. Cost for each Door is $60 per door at 13 doors = $780 for the entire project. We have 30 windows to be built on site that are welded as well.
  2. Cost for each window is $100 per window at 30 windows = $3,000 for the entire project. 
  3. Trusses for two classrooms so we can finish the skeletal structure of the roof is $2,500. 


Welding Projects – Doors, Windows, Roof

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