Mike and Glenda just completed two weeks of the annual visit here in the States, with a full schedule of speaking engagements, meetings, having meals with friends and supporters, the Annual Brunch and getting reacquainted with snow….  it was a full slate of activities.

This year, 2020 starts their 17th year of missions and ministry in Honduras. What an accomplishment!! There have been hundreds of families and many thousands of people impacted through the youth groups, sponsorship program, construction teams, medical teams, Saturday youth activity, prison ministry, water filters, tailoring program, small business start-ups, and one-on-one interactions that show God’s love. We are very proud that 38 sponsored children graduated from 12th grade this year. That’s 38 young men and women, who were either the top achievers in their class are at the very least amongst the highest achievers, who now have an opportunity at better paying jobs AND will continue the influence of Hope for Honduras. Thanks to many people’s trust and faith, we have almost filled all those open spots and once again have over 300 children sponsored between grade school, high school, INFOP (like BOCES), and college classes. WHAT AN IMPACT!!!! And what a foundation you are giving to them all.

Mike loves to preach, exhort, encourage and re-ignite the flame of the gospel in people, and once again he was able to share a powerful message. The theme for this year’s message was about “FOUNDATIONS”. HE had a great time of fellowship and gave that message :at the Southside Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Elmira, with Pastor Trey Reaume and Assistant Pastor Harold Lefever you can watch Mike’s message here:\

He also gave that message to the Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church at their Pine City Campus and at the Fresh Start Miracle Mile Campus and you can watch that message here: