Day of Evangelism

Day of Evangelism

On Monday, 12/9/19 Michael took the Boys Youth Group to Comayagua for a day of evangelizing as they continue to reach out to the community there. The Boys Youth Group blessed 150 children with bags full of candy on this trip.

The village, just outside of the city of Comayagua, is considered a squatters’ camp, with houses made of anything they can get there hands on. There is no electricity, no running water, no septic, no school, not even a pulperia.

Altogether the boys have established six “house churches” there and they visit the folks regularly and pray for them. They have used their “tithe” money from proceeds of food sales to be able to sponsor a high school girl named Isis. She will be a living miracle as she dedicates herself to completing her education against all odds.

The boys have also use their tithe money to bless many houses with water filter systems as well as food baskets, clothing and other necessary things from time to time.