Far left, front door of Kitchen. Second door to English Classroom.This door will lead to the new technology classroom.Roof is ready for our team that is coming in May.

Border Buddies is blessed to have sponsors that give strictly to the building of Public Schools in Honduras. By this generous giving we are able to continue with our projects when there aren’t any teams coming. The Lord allowed us to have the roof trusses welded and ready for the steel corrugated roofing to be installed by our up and coming team in May. Also we were able to have all 4 doors built out of steel and have all the windows built and installed. This building looks sharp now with the doors and windows in it. It has sparked conversation among the parents. So much that we had a meeting last week with the parents, directors of the school and with some of the teachers. The director allowed us to explain how the kitchen works and how they can feed 400 children. Also we exhorted the mothers to serve as a community of believers serving their children with the heart to serve Christ our Lord. We also discussed in how to bring unity within the parents to make change in their school. One topic we brought up was the attitude of the children. I mentioned that the children have lost their custom of saying good morning, good afternoon, excuse me, thank you, please etc. The parents smiled and said we do need to change this because our children are learning in how to be rude. So the teachers, the directors and with collaboration of the parents, they will be teaching the children manners. Our hope is that by June the kitchen will be running and serving hot meals to all these students. The electronic classroom is going to teach students in 6th grade in how to repair TV’s, radios, computers etc. Also the English teacher is looking forward in having her 1st classroom to teach instead of teaching in the soccer court. God is amazing in how He works through all of you.