Youth Group October 2019

Youth Group October 2019


by Michael J. Miller, Jr.


Is it celebrating each Birthday and preparing for Bible studies, upcoming events, Comayagua Evangelism, selling food on Saturday or waiting for God and us to grow together in our relationships?









“Let us Think About it for a moment”


What do we do with 4 youth groups and 90 teenagers who didn’t go to church before or want a relationship with God.









Is it rock climbing that keeps them busy?










Is it extreme sports that keeps their minds off from home and the problems they face daily?




Is it the water parks or Wednesday night soccer matches going on each week?





Is it the #iamatthemovies

Or is it that I am having fun with my friends in a safe Christian group?









I think it is walking and acting

like Jesus Christ.









Studying the Bible every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 different sites.





Leading youth to make a full Commitment to live lives as examples of Jesus Christ to all those they come into contact.






At Border Buddies Ministries in Honduras we are leading youth away from the temptations of going into gangs, leaving home, teenage pregnancies, from drugs and drinking, to lives that are filled with the Holy Spirit. We are on our 3rd generation since we started in 2005 with our first youth group. Those youth are now professionals who are working, going to church and serving God in their communities. Now they are sending their children to our Saturday Program so they too can be influenced by this ministry.  So, what is Youth Group for us? It is all of the above seasoned with the Love of Jesus and that is what brings change in 3rdworld countries like Honduras.

Each of you are apart of this outreach by the support you give to this ministry. Either by prayer or financial support it all matters as each of these youth matter. In God’s eyes each child who is helped and given instruction through God’s word is one step closer in living a life that God intended for them.

Keep praying and as you look at the photos again, ask God what can you do in your local church to reach for more youth. Ask God what you can do for this ministry so we can keep on reaching out with the Hand of God to all those who are in need.

Our desire is to continue to grow and reach for more communities so we can decrease the gang population and give the youth a choice. That is what is boils down to. Choices. We can choose to ignore or choose to help. Because they do matter.